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EuroClik provides the authentic warmth and beauty of real wood with the assurance of an extremely durable and efficiently installed floor. Each of our dimensional options feature the unique beauty of natural, real wood. EuroClik features eight layers of factory applied UV cured urethane, ensuring extreme durability while allowing the genuine hardwood grain to show through. At the heart of each plank of EuroClik is an optional water resistant HDF core, creating a superior high impact resistant floor that utilizes the premium Uniclic TM locking system. Multiple grades of oak and beautiful stain colors are available to select from.

European Origin

We’re proud to present our EuroClik flooring designed and manufactured in Belgium. Europe’s highest levels of production quality elevates these floors to stand out in the global manufacturing landscape.


Excellent High Impact Resistant Floor

EuroClik is an extremely impact-resistant floor, due to its HDF core, which doesn’t flex under impact. Adding more resilience, EuroClik is protected by eight layers of factory applied, UV cured urethane. Using DSI technology, the urethane is infused into the top hardwood layer making it extremely hard – strengthening the wood itself. These combined features make EuroClik more resistant to impacts than most other solid or engineered flooring.


UNICLIC® Licensed Locking System

We chose this system to ensure the best locking performance possible. The fast and simple installation method locks in place on all four sides with seamless joints.


Improving Air Quality

EuroClik floors are Floor Score Certified with no VOC’s. This creates a product which doesn’t contribute to air pollutants in living and commercial spaces.


Beautiful & Durable

A brushed matte finish is used to highlight the natural grain of the real wood veneer. Instead of filling the grain for a more furniture style finish, we chose to allow the real wood grain to shine through to better show the uniqueness and warmth of the real wood in these floors.


Ready For Radiant

Each of the EuroClik flooring options are ideally suited for installation over in-floor radiant heat systems. EuroClik floors evenly transfer warmth faster than most other solid or engineered flooring.

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